Sunday, January 19, 2014

?new Breast cancer Biomarker

There must be a marker in Breast cancer displaying a mutation in the fanconi like gene.
We know that disturbance in Fanconi disease affect mobilization of molecule such as Cystine.
And Fanconi gen alteration is cited a lot in Breast cancer, Is there a Beta albumin secretion when SLC gene is abnormal in Breast Cancer.   take serum and Breast cancer specimen, if mutation in SLC gene is found, does the serum gives us a Beta-albumin like molecule in the serum?   easy to find a biomarker...ok let's go to work.
Is SLC gene marker a surrogate of Crizotinib activity? secondary reason for investigation?
PALB2 is associated  with BRCA-2, is there a secretion of protein linked to it?
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