Saturday, July 27, 2013


Good Morning every one, we have completed 2 weeks of work in Fort Wayne IN conducting field work.  Very successful Mission which keeps the CRBCM funded for future endeavors!  We are returning to El Paso for a very active work load.  From Covering Local Hospitals to participating to Community Activity at Physician Hospital of El Paso. (We will put up some Pics when they become available).
This week we will meet again with UTEP staff in order to further reaffirm details of our collaboration on our specific Research program.  The CRBCM will also visit one of the 4 Grifols' Plasma Centers. Work at the Greater East cancer Center also awaits attention.
The CRBCM has been working on several projects which need finalization.
Attending an important Oncology Conference in Miami will help obtain further questions to be explored in our blog.  Contractual agreements limit some disclosures.
Keeping busy, legal and efficient will be the focus at CRBM.
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