Friday, August 30, 2013

Untapped new interventions in Traget therapy.

There are phenomena that only nature knows to do well such as
1.Aging of a cell
2.Apoptosis, a controlled programmed death
3.keeping a cell alive or active without a nucleus (Red cell)
4.deleting a gene in a living cell to fully commit it to a function ( T cell Vs B cell differentiation)
5.The differentiation itself...
and many more function.
The funny thing is we are always behind trying to catch-up.
We know from experience that a rotten fruit need to be removed from a bunch because the one in contact with them will also go "awry" as if talked to by the rotten one!  Is it the NOTCH or is-it just timing intervention of MTOR for aging?
There is deep in a cell a language or a voice that tell it to do something because it it is time, and we know this is a chemical message.  Scientist are trying to learn this language still today...Can we ask a Melanoma cell to remove its nucleus like the red cell does, can we master this process, can we ask a Sarcoma cell to delete a gene that prove to be driving the neoplastic process. Is ubiquitylation effective in this process.  So far globally, our targeting therapy is focused at one level (one or multiple kinase attack on the same pathways) and combining therapies is a way of hitting even higher number of pathways.  But today these combinations some time work opposite to one another, mitigating our results or simply not being additive in terms of result achieved.  We need an "integrated staged " attack, and here we need computer models...
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