Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pick into the cure!

Cytokines that can induce cellular stress, may also exacerbate P53 induced apoptosis through release of its regulators.  Indeed P53 regulators include

Tomasini et al
" that TP53INP1s, in association with HIPK2, regulate p53 transcriptional activity on p21, mdm2, pig3, and bax promoters. Furthermore, TP53INP1s overexpression induces G1 arrest and increases p53-mediated apoptosis. Although a TP53INP1s and HIPK2 additive effect was observed on apoptosis, G1 arrest was weaker when HIPK2 was transfected together with TP53INP1. These results indicate that TP53INP1s and HIPK2 could be partners in regulating p53 activity."

the role of TGF on these regulators needs further scrutiny since it it such an important growth factor in breast cancer
could blockage of the Cutlins help?

Blocking these regulator could decrease cancer dependance on rescue measure and restore the effectiveness of Hypoxic apoptosis?


TP53INP1s and Homeodomain-interacting Protein Kinase-2 (HIPK2) Are Partners in Regulating p53 Activity*

Richard Tomasini§ et al!
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