Saturday, March 22, 2014

Another Local hospital will accept our patients

It was long awaited
another Large local hospital will start accepting greater east cancer center patients

Del Sol Medical Center, has approved privileges to crbcm

we are happy, and look forward to admitting our patients there!   Progress is slow but certain.  We will greatly use their infusion center capabilities and their radiology dept.  It is great that most of the inherited patients have been asking about this affiliation since they are used to use this facility for their care.   They will be happy to learn that crbcm can assure them  a continuation of care with this large facility in El Paso!

 In the mean time our work at Griffols/Talecris Plasma centers (El Paso 2& 4) continue...

and we saw one patient with familial Rosacea,  we are glad to report that a combination of metronidazole cream and Acid Azelaic gel is performing wonderfully!   A closer look on Familial Rosacea is warranted (genetic base!)in our future blog!  crbcm has a wide panel of patients!

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