Sunday, March 9, 2014

speculations in lung cancers

1.TTF-1 and CK 7 held as biomarkers of lung origin, how does MUC 7 compare? does T790M confer resistance to EGFR positive lung cancer
3.what target therapy becomes possible after EGFR resistance,meaning what mechanism of escape is now on to allow now sequential treatment.
is it Afatinib
is it Dabrafenib
please if you find a Mutation that will compromise the result of your therapy, don't challenge it with a known medication to which it is meant to resist.  Well because it is there to exercise its muscles and in the process open new avenue.
4.Inhibitor of the anti-MEK appear certainly attractive
but be sure not to use an upstream blocker to affect its effects
and always think inhibitor of MTOR post anti EGFR!  the cell relies on this to escape.
eh by the way bothering the CRE always work!
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