Wednesday, March 19, 2014

questions of the day in stroke or myocardial events

What weakens the blood vessel for stroke to occur
is it an acute process
is it a long standing transformation due to or inducing cytokine release (can we capture the moment?)
what about the the role of the HIF gene? the MTOR, CRE and the Adenyl Cyclase
what is the exact role of VEGF (or the various VEGF)
what is the role of the endothelial genes/integrins/what A4Beta.
what is the level of metalloproteases before and at rupture
stress on the Cateins
can the FGF-1 tell us a thing
what is the PDGFR reaction
secretion of platelet during clotting at blood vessel
what is happening in the endothelial cells, what can preclude the secondary incident that happens within a year
is the therapeutic response adequate
does Aspirin good as an universal response (based on impact on the c-jun--c-fos taken indiviual or by ratio)
what is the c-fos and c-jun behavior ?
Role of Avastin if any
what cytokines are involved?
level of coagulation factors
what factor V has to to
what about the homocystein?
does vitamin D level affected or induces it?
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