Thursday, March 20, 2014

how to stay young

first you have to know all your genes
and every time you want to ingest something, know the genes in what you eat and think that you are about to interact with new genes and reactions with your system will occur
now digestion will occur and what you will eat will be digested
but remember alot we eat ultimately will go through as is particularly small molecules, and will interact with your cells at pure state.
Now it appears that Oxidants have a deeper meaning since they not only induces reactions in your body but they appear to shorten your life by inducing creation of abnormal proteins at mitochondrial levels or by inducing post translational changes to normal proteins. (The so called Mitochondria unfolded protein response).   Whether they induce production of cytokines that will have distant effect at cells with special receptors such as the distant substance negria is still debated but will soon come to light once we know the specific cytokine involved  (or is it a TGF) !
think like this, with each abnormal proteins secreted you lose a year of your life, or at least some time of your life.   This means that with every extra stress, stress created in our mitochondria, you lose some lifespan.  And it makes perfect sens, at the core of the Mitochondria is the CRE gene and just tell me what gene does not impact the CRE gene.  And remember the CRE gene is in the inflammation, it is in the alcohol metabolism, it is everywhere, it is involved when you are awake and when you sleep, underwatter, or above the ground, in activity of the FOS or Adenyl Cyclase, the HIF or the MTOR.  where ever you go, the CRE gene is involved...

Thinking to stay young, look at the FOX, not the gene but the animal FOX, which is full of agility, brightness, and our genes we have the FOXOs, (no clear relation you will rightly say) but if you lack a high level of FOXOs, your life is long!  you lack the FOXO you can't stop your life from FLIP-ing to a live state  because FLIP is anti-apoptotic for cells.   FOXOs elevated will make you killed faster!   HIGH FOXOs INCREASES BIM AND PUMA. 

AND IF YOU ASK ANN BRUNET ET AL  "  Within the nucleus, FKHRL1 triggers apoptosis most likely by inducing the expression of genes that are critical for cell death, such as the Fas ligand gene."

This FKHRL1 is something to watch closely because of its reported association with 14-3-3.  Is this the same protein found in CReutzfeldt Jakob? how come? cellular autophagia?   how these fact can be used in a cure of cancer is another chapter!  we are digging deeper!
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