Sunday, September 29, 2013

potential questions in biomedical science

questions in basic medical sciences

1.  Can new heat shock Proteins made to be recognized by the the endosomal immune system?
2.  Can cancer cells express DNA motifs recognizable by the TLR9
3.  Can cytokines (IL11, IL 17, GCSF,Interferon-beta, be used as reliable predictor markers of pulmonary fibrosis in patient treated with Bleomycin)
4.  Can we electively silence MHC class I on cancer cell enough to trigger the "missing self Hypothesis".

(CD159,CD 158, CD 85)

5.Review the full role of Immunoglobulin-like transcription receptors
6.Harvesting Metastatic potential of cancer cell in their tagging with IgG susceptible to trigger FcyR NK cell-antibody dependent cell mediated cytotoxicity.  (survey of cancer cell receptors).
7Quantifying heat shock proteins in normal Vs cancer cells as a way to detect cancer cells, targeting them for increased scusceptibilty to be detected by dendritic cells?
8. Silencing MHC class I gene in cancer cells could be a significant way to trigger NK cells
9. Can perturbation at the FAK, decrease of E-Cadherin be associated with antigenic triggering  changes of memebrane phospholipids?
10. developement of small peptide susceptible to change MHC class I in cancer cells
11.  pertubations of endonuclease in cancer cell as a way to induce changes in TCR
12.  Is TAP (transporter in Antigen Processing) a valid target in cancer therapy?
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