Saturday, May 10, 2014

Biomarkers in Lung Cancer

For the first time, almost one year after the Harvard people talked about it, I hear in this setting talking about
testing in lung cancer at diagnosis although recommendations are in place
EGFR,ALK, and ROS1 are recognized at the meeting...they also mentioned BRAF,Her-2,MET,RET,KIT in passing.  The gobal presence in diverse lung cancers 35% for these markers.

ROS1 part on the Insulin panel?  This is question raising!

The success story here in San Diego is CERETINIB, 20 times as active as Crizotinib?  400-750mg/day
with a success rate in 56% percent in people who progressed on Crizotinib
and response rate noted on Brain Mets, with pictures to support the claim
but watch for Nausea and Diarrhea.  
and elevated transaminases (particularly bothersome for Crizotinib) and not as much a problem with CERETINIB.
should you try to use a Chemotherapy drug, suggestion is Premetrex would be a better choice in Alk positive patient.  Is this close to AdenoCA?

*HSP90 inhibitors, the chaperone!

*still in the ALK positive, do not forget ALECTINIB
which may cause Hypophosphatemia, and possible could be effective in Brain Mets!

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