Thursday, May 29, 2014

don't finger CRBCM, we are trying!

I was literally stopped to be questioned about statements on my blog!
it is a blog
the statements although based on facts
are inted to shock or tease the readers mind
and query !
they are not scientifically already established
their main objective is to capture the readers' mind
and fashon it a way to tease and prompt an internal reaction
you are not to cure nanism or dwarfism with Dasatinib even in DDR2 positive affected individual
but don't close your mind to the idea
DDR2 checks is not part of standard check covered by insurance, but let's keep on fighting to make it so!
Indeed many known abnormal genes or known Mutations are not currently tested despite their proven importance in clinic.  ROS-1 for example is well known for its importance in lung cancers, but not customarily requested.  The NCCN is slow to come up with these recommendations in order to stay conservative...In a world which cries for more therapeutic answers.  A world in which we know that all cancers are not equal!
There are of course link that we know or suspect to be important but can't prove a thing...not because data are missing but because money is not in research.  We suspect for example that some G-proteins are important in the severity of certain Diabetic vasculitis and Neuropathy, but we wait for funds to test the hypothesis in clinical settings...
Where are our congressman?
Where are funding institutions?
Where are the politicians?

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