Sunday, May 18, 2014

Genes with dangerous behaviors

1.Do remember that in the selection of genes to silence, find one that causes a Malformation  when mutated or deficient
i.e the BRAF gene can cause some of the cases of Leopard Syndrome
i.e always remember the story of Thalidomide and the reason it was banned, interacting with related genes paid off!

2.dangerous genes are those that can auto-activate or auto-inhibate, you know if some thing goes wrong, wild neoplasm can ensue! we learn that some gene like Casein can phosphorylate several other gene
watch out for the lighting of other genes!

4.Gene regulators of main pathways (ie...PTEN)

5.Genes at check points

6.Genes that are at terminal pathways, their lack terminates a function, but now derailing compensating mechanisms or bypass mechanisms can be neoplastic

7.genes that stop or derail differentiation

8.genes that are important in vital mitotic steps

9. the telomerases

10.genes that makes the cell move!

11. genes dominating the microenvironment and genes involved in protein transport within the cell (i.e the molecular chaperones) clathrin, Auxillin, HSP(s)

12. and in a class of its own, the Ubiquitins!   lung cancer seems to occur because of the direct effect on the Ubiquitins!   MDM2!  particularly the Adenocarcinomas!

13 belong to "a family of conserved regulatory molecules" ie 14-3-3....full of "conserved regions".  Once a cell decided to conserve becomes a critical gene!

14. Gene that affect several members of the same genes (CABIN-1 affects  MEF(s))
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