Thursday, April 24, 2014

A critical Function down the neoplastic transformation : NPM1

As we test gene mutations with the UTEP team, one of the Mutation detected in the sera of lung cancer patients was Mutation or over expression of NPM1.  The literature suggested that this gene is a critical path to closing of natural ways to apoptosis while exacerbating cell division.
Indeed we all know that cancer is  characterized by cellular persistence, and longer life relative to normal cell.  This fact is more seen with Leukemic cells and NPM1 will be more present in these diseases as a matter of  facts.   To escape cellular programmed death, cancer will use NPM1 and related molecules to escape normal death particularly in the presence of abnormal genetic alteration often present in cancer cells!
It is not by mistake that NPM1 will have interactions with
1. BRCA that affect gene repair
2.P53 to close that reflex cellular arrest
3.Runx genes in hematopoietic malignancies  (proof of promoters'activities)
ARF, etc...   for some, RUNX is a part of CBFs
The activities into suppression of programmed death can even be measure by drop in Caspase 3,8 as reported by bright scientists!
  The second fold is of course promotion of cell division mainly through the Nucleoli and division of centromeres.   NPM1 expression appears bad prognostic indicators but has been cited in some leukemia of the young as a good prognosis indicator?   And that is most likely because it is a secondary events rather than truly a driver mutation?
Clearly it was striking to find it sitting there in Lung cancers!

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