Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Some genes of interest

" insulin levels also exhibit a nocturnal drop, which has previously been suggested to be controlled, at least in part, by melatonin. This regulation can be explained by the proposed inhibitory action of melatonin on insulin release." Mulder et al.

This gene has been linked to gestational Diabetes and some have used it to secgregate patient with propensity to Diabetes Mellitus type 2.

" HHEX serves to repress VEGFA, another protein which is important in endothelial cell development."wikipedia...Can it play a role in angiosarcoma?
PAZ et al " Hhex is a critical regulator of hematopoietic development and is necessary for the maturation and proliferation of the earliest definitive hematopoietic progenitors."
 HHEX interacts with SOX13
" SOX13 is known to repress Wnt/TCF signaling by interacting with TCF1. We show that Hhex is able to block the SOX13-dependent repression of Wnt/TCF activity by displacing SOX13 from the SOX13·TCF1 complex."Marfil et al

"Otx2, and Lim1 appear to promote hhex transcription through homeobox sites in a Wnt-responsive element located between −0.65 to −0.55 Kb of the hhex promoter. (2) Siamois/Twin also induce the expression of the BMP-antagonists Chordin and Noggin, " RANKIN et al

for CRBCM, role in pancreatic cancer, liver cancer and thyroid cancer needs further clarification

3.Cytokynes (EPC)-JAKs---STAT 3,5----Bcl-xL ----CYTOCHROMEC---CASPASE9-  (WIKIMEDIA)
is this the mechanism of PTSD.?
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