Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ramucirumab, FDA approved in Metastatic GE Junction and gastric cancer, but is-it all?

May be Ramucirumab will work
At CRBCM we have a patient who has Angiosarcoma in the liver who had a rapid progression on Gem-Taxane (in fact she had a very powerful allergic reaction to Taxane) and again progressed on MAID
She was switched to Avastin alone since the reaction to Taxane was strong. The disease remains stble for 1 year.  She has now vaginal bleed and acute SOB that responded only to steroid, Avastin has benn on hold
It is unclear if she will tolerate it again.
Alternative Pazopanib?
?Trabectedin (unavailable in the US?)
or is-it the new Ramucirumab?  will try with Lilly!
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