Saturday, April 26, 2014

Potential future collaboration lead at CRBCM!

"Thanks Peggy for your quick response,

As I mentioned to you last week, there was a potential collaboration with an oncologist in China. The story was that I met a clinical oncologist, Dr. Baofa Yu, who used be a research assistant professor at UCSD. When I was in Scripps Res. Institute in San Diego, I have known him quite well. He has returned to China about 10 years ago to establish private tumor hospitals using a therapeutic approach he developed to treat cancer patients (He has US and China Patents) . It was very successful. Currently, he has owned four tumor hospitals in China (in Beijing and other cities). He has interest in collaborating with an oncologist in US to use his novel approach to treat cancer patients. I have introduced our research collaboration to Dr. Yu on phone last week. He has great interest in collaborating with Dr. Kankonde. Dr. Yu may come to US for a visit in this coming July. Maybe we can meet here at El Paso. Dr Yu let me tell you that if it is possible, Dr. Yu would also like to invite you to China to visit his cancer hospitals in the near future."

The CRBCM will be honored to learn from DR Yu...
The future will be bright!And only the future will tell!
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