Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I hate it when people are right when they comment about how corrupt this world is.  And this one friend has been right every time although in my deep soul I want to give credit to the the goodness of human beings.  Speaking today, my friend asked me what I was doing.  "writing for a new grant application for the NIH", I replied proudly.  "you are wasting your time" he replied. "I was at NIH, most of the grant request are written with a beneficiary in mind".  He recalled being called by his supervisor in the office, and being asked to write a grant request before the Request for Application (RFA) got released.  In fact most RFA are specifically written to mach perfectly a known project.  The public is let to believe that the RFA comes first.  The public researcher is mislead and is used to fill the book, be included is the statistic for publicity stunt.  The Public is used to show a large number of participants.  The true winners are known in advance.  They sometime participate to the writing of the RFA.  The world is corrupt.
The NIH is not the only organization filled with politics, CPRIT was so bad they got caught.
At CPRIT, your chance of participating and winning was less then winning at the Powerball. RFA were written after consultation at MD Anderson first, and the other universities were following.  In fact it was ridiculous to be far from Houston and Austin, and yet be aware of the fights between who came from what university.  The fight is going to rekindle soon after the moratorium is lifted.  Your chance to get a grant if you are a small independent business close to 1 percent.  MD Anderson 50%, Baylor 20% followed by other Universities.
El Paso (4th city population wise) is in a hard predicament.  Its leadership has been stolen by a smaller city.  If you are a business from El Paso,  your chance for research funding from CPRIT is 0.2%.  A fictitious company from Houston got about 20 times the global funding given to El Paso as a whole.  The company had even a bogus web site.  Basically, you had to be blind to fund this thing!  Who was behind such a fraud, I refuse to say.  Suffice is to say that officials at the company were using golden furniture!  No, it was bad!  And of course they folded as soon as scrutiny came!
Now let's see what will come out of this bloody nose Texas tax-payers got.

What hurts is that you want to believe in the goodness of people.  But the grant giving is so politically twisted that my friend is right.  Why waste the time writing proposals when you know the game is tricked and skewed! But if you don't participate they win 100%, and the audits that will come will not find the normal to compare to.  Yes, we agree to be vain participants because that's our role in this charade!
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