Thursday, February 28, 2013


1. Ibrutinib continues to impress by its performance in Refractory Mantle cell lymphoma.  Ibrutinib
reportedly blocks Receptor signaling and induce Apoptosis.  The Antigen is expressed in CLL also
with a 16-20% Complete response and 50-55%  partial response, it is one of the highest response rate for a single Agent.  Median time to progression 13.9 months.
If this drug was active on Myeloid, my article on AML  would have been SHORT.

2. In second line therapy for cancer of the G-E junction, Taxotere 75mg/m2 every 3 weeks appears to be a good option increase overall survival by 2 months and controlling some of the pain.

3. Avastin failed to improve survival in early triple negative Breast Cancer.

4. A new drug called CILENGITIDE BY MERCK FAILED TO IMPROVE SURVIVAL IN GLIOBLASTOMA. The drug was an anti-angiogenetic medication.  patient were screened for METHYLATION OF MGMT presence.
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