Sunday, March 17, 2013

An interesting set of Circumstances

We seem to live an interesting time, unusual things happening, the government is late doing stuff.  Although it claims it is pro-business, licenses are delayed and the emphasis seems to crack down, and pay less.  Shrinking everything seems to be the impetus!
The most interesting scenario is what is happening with the IRS.  Because I need to meet some money demands, I filed my taxes early in February or as soon as I got my W-2 and related 1099.  4 weeks after I filed, I got a text on my phone that the IRS has rejected my filing.  I thought it was a joke but sure enough I got confirmation through my e-mail and from the IRS office.  We must live an interesting revolution!  When the IRS is now evading tax-filing.  It used to be that if you do something incorrect, the IRS corrects it.  I had come to expect that and normally sent my best evaluation for their smart correction. NOW if they are rejecting Tax submission where the hell should I go?  The interesting thing is, according to their not, a rejected Tax file is not a "Filing, and the can still charge me for late filing and evasion if not refiled".  Can you possibly evade Taxes when you are repeatedly trying to file?  The IRS is getting it both ways I believe.  They refuse to do the work, and still threaten to punish me!  What in the world is going on?  If you figure it out, help me!
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