Monday, March 4, 2013

The AML discussion continues!

AML-1 mostly corresponds to the alpha subunit of the CBF and contains the RUNX-1 which specializes in hematologic differentiation of the cell, the other portion already contains among other things regulatory or catalytic molecules facilitating many processes of the cell combination with EVI-1 will control signal pathways and growth factors.
This type of AML, or AML in general, appears to be a disease mostly driven by dysregulation of promoters and regulator genes with global suppression of the NK-kB a nd the cyclins/TGF. 
?role of ANDROGEN, interferon and growth factor in EVI-1 positive AML can be raised as a question.  On top of standard induction chemotherapy of course!  This is where Cyclosporine and Antithymocyte Globulin could still have a role (in EVI-1 AML)

One may wonder why TGF is suppressed?  Maybe to stop the cancerous process to form a mass and stay "fluid"?   That is, in granulocytic sarcoma, TGF would be less suppressed?
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