Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Multiplex Testing in cancer may alleviate cost issue, testing fatigue, and reduce Histology discrepancies" 
(Antoinettte J. WozniaK )

I agree that by checking several genetic markers at once, one will reduce cost.   We know it cost less to do a package than individual.   the experience with Complete Metabolic panels should reproduced at Biomarkers'level.

And yes I looked at the pathologist as he was passing by, I noted he tried to avoid me because each time we meet I always ask him for another biomarker to test.  He is really tired of testing.  So the statement must be true  and the cost rising on each individual patient!

Histology discrepancies reduced? hmmmm!
This one I need to scratch my head a bit! Is that means test everybody independent of histology?  Is that wise (outside a clinical trial?)   let's think about this!  well tell me what you think!

2.  "Biomarkers for Dummies"
I don't believe there is such a book!  That's it.  How can this be...?  Can you really be a dummy if you understand what is a Biomarker!  I guess there is a trick to all this that is escaping Me!

3. I get it, don't  get to excited trying to test everybody!  These are the rates of positive test in lung cancers:

-ROS-1 positive in 1.5 % of lung cancers
-ALK positive in 5%
-RET positive in 2%
-EGFR positive in 18%
-HER-2 positive in 2%
-BRAF positive in 3%
-MET positive in 3%
The total is 35% which is meaningful only globally and a waste of time if you go one by one.   NOW I AGREE THESE SHOULD COME AS A PANEL!

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