Tuesday, March 19, 2013


To further confirm that "p" is better that "q", I went back to see what is the mutation in a curable cancer and germ cell tumors or testicular cancer. And guess what? It is not 12q that is abnormal in testicular cancer, IT IS INDEED 12p that is involved in the Malignant transformation.

CCND2 is at 12p13, but also SOX5, JAW1, and KRAS is at 12p11.2-12.1
You know angry corresponding family members are located on other chromosomes, but not amplified in Testicular cancer and would confer resistance to therapy.  In fact it would be interesting to see if they are amplified in refractory cases for proof of concept!
The association with endoreduplication (Multiple ploidies) is another good thing to look into further as it relates (or not) to 12p Mutation!

Certainly the response to chemotherapy alone is an intriguing phenomena by itself and should open up cues to look for in other cancers!  I believe it is in the "p" and in the "ploidy" thing or tendency to multiply that is where the cancer vulnerability is squarely located!  
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