Wednesday, March 27, 2013

LOX Lysyl-Oxidase

This gene found in gastric and bladder cancer is prognostic.  Its amplification allows the cell to deal with austere conditions in Metastatic conditions.  It seems to be amplifying under the impetus of HIF (Hypoxia induced factor). Its amplification appears more reactive than driving the resulting dowstream reaction.It can affect the structure of laminin and collagen through its formation of Aldehyde.
It can push proliferation by acting as a co-factor at nuclear level.
It can affect AKT (Protein Kinase B).
Recently, a study in Sarcoma using a Doxorubicin isoform was set in motion. Expression of LOX should be included in the analysis since Hypoxia was a component of the treatment.
LOX would not be a principal target in a treatment strategy since it addresses mostly metastasis, it either an adjunct treatment, or will have a role in Maintenance therapy.
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