Sunday, March 10, 2013


*It is interesting to note that in current clinical practice  3/4 of Oncologist still give Avastin instead of Cetuximab as their first choice in KRAS wild type metastatic colon cancer, and they chose it in combination with FOLFOX.   Why to do the test at onset.  And 12 cycles won rather than "until disease progression" in Metastatic setting.
* If you worry about Mismatch repair, it did not come up!

*Avastin-Xeloda superior to Xeloda alone with
- progression free survival (PFS) 9.1 months Vs 6.1months
- Overall survival (OS) 20.7 months Vs 16.8 months

* In Maintenance setting, Combining Avastin to Erlotinib was superior to Avastin alone  (OPTIMOX3) in terms of progression free survival.

*In the VELOUR study
Aflibercept +FOLFIRI was superior to Folfiri alone in terms of PFS and OS.

*new kid on the block Regorafenib (brings back use of EUCERIN cream for patients palms)

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