Friday, March 8, 2013


1.NF1 Mutation is upstream from
and MTOR
But NF-1 is Mutated in Melanoma
can infusion of protein resulting from NF-1 be used to strengthen effect of MTOR inhibitor and BRAF inhibitor by maintaining these pathways open!

2.  Discriminating Redundancy in cellular language
same gene base corresponding to same Amino Acid
same receptors at membrane being sensitive by different stimuli
but when it comes to the RAS, nature and intensity need to matter and this also a function of tissue involved!
some time however the nature of the stimulus is more important particularly inside the cell where ie HP90 seems to stimulate more the CoN to achieve PTEN suppression. And you know that CoM stimulation raise Bcl2 level...we will say more in our upcoming article of langaue of the cell as it pertains to pathways!

3. PTEN is repressed by low expression of gene or mislocalization (reported PNUTS 'role) at Nuclear level or both?
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