Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Binker et al!
"Acclimation of cellular metabolism to high salt concentrations involved re-modelling of amino acid and protein biosynthesis and increased expression of molecular chaperones (dehydrins, osmotin). Leaves suffered initially from dehydration which resulted in changes in transcript levels of mitochondrial and photosynthetic genes indicating adjustment of energy metabolism."
This is the stuff of events at the membrane again!

 2. Inflammatory genes!
14 GALINDO_ACT_UP (Inflammatory and apoptosis signaling) IL1B, CXCL2, ILI8RAP, ILIRN, PTGS2, PDGFB, LILRB4, DUSP1, NFKB1A, IER3, FOSL1, CSF3, ICAM1, CCL3, RREB1, TNFSF9, BCL3, UBC, TNFAIP2, CCL4 2.04 0.008
15 CMV_UV-CMV_COMMON_HCMV_6HRS_UP (IFN and inflammatory signaling) RSAD2, MX1, OASL, NR4A2, IFIT3, ILI1, ZC3HAV1, RIPK1, PMAIP1, POLG2, ATF3, CREM, GCH1, C12ORF22, PSCD1, NR4A3, BTRC, SLC745, NR4A1

4. Harvesting Meis1 for the cure
" Meis1 to determine whether doing so produced an effect on the generation of new heart cells in mice."
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(to be continued)

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