Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Staying in touch with London: All I want for Christmas... is to use genetic profiles in cancer drug resistance

As things begin to wind down for the Christmas holiday, the build up to the Targeting Cancer Drug Resistance meeting is still accelerating. I am pleased to announce that we have added an additional pre-conference workshop to the programme.

Brian Van Ness of the University of Minnesota Cancer Center will be leading an interactive workshop demonstrating how you can use genetic profiles in pre-clinical modeling to identify response and resistance signatures, secondary therapies and combination therapies. 

If you have a chance in this last week of work, download the new brochure to read more about Brian’s workshop and everything else available at the meeting. Have a browse of the event content if you get some free time over the holidays or as you let the Christmas dinner(s) digest.

In the new year, courtesy of the Targeting Cancer Drug Resistance meeting, I will be sending you a series of unique material sharing insights on the developments towards creating therapies that successfully overcome drug resistance in cancer. So please keep an eye out for this.

In the meantime I hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday.

Best regards,

Suzanne Rankine
Programme Director
Hanson Wade
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