Sunday, December 30, 2012


The holidays have brought new wind at CRBCM/Greaster East Cancer Center.  As some physicians took off for the holidays.  We, at CRBCM, fill the gap increasing our share of patients.  Already it seems that our efforts provide an opportunity to live another day for sure.  We are not going to be distracted. The cause is just and lingering, the call is alive and keeps inviting to action.  Women keep facing the devastation of Breast cancer.  My own dear mother died of complications and progression of Breast cancer.  We will not surrender.  People are dying every day while our leaders are distracted by political fights.  Some of our leaders actually believe more in politics than in the work at end.  All day they stay on the phone building political alliances for their own survival.  It is good to survive so you can speak another day.  But surviving because of the alliances you have built is not enough.  Survive to make a difference, survive to advance the human condition, survive to leave a legacy, survive to show you are the best of us by representing some idea or philosophy that should drive communities to rise to better conditions or understanding of us, the people of the world.  To do this you have to fight.
Part of the fight is to raise your voice. And words can hurt when the confront awkward politicians who forget they acts are being watched!  when you speak the truth, cheaters are genuinely hurt.  And to show their power, they lash at you with their venom.  They work hard at isolating you even though the realize your cause is just.  That you come from a forgotten city.  That you come from forgotten minorities.  politicians and large Institutions use minorities to show they are kind, compassionate and thoughtful.  They don't think of us as equal people in need of intervention.  Only a fringe of the majority is genuinely interested.  politicians and large institutions will dismiss you as soon as they know they can get away with it.  Blood is thicker than water, the say goes.
For low income population, only those leaders who have risen from them can really fight for them.  if you have faced the desperation of an empty refrigerator with kids looking at you for answers to their needs, you will find it in you to give 5 dollars to a begger instead of a dime.  The feeling of desperation will return to your stomach.  You will understand how this lonely begger should be feeling when he is now alone! Are we suckers? May be!  But you do a good deed because you believe in what it is for the world we live in!  There is no better judge of when something is right but your own conscience!

The inherent component to being a coalition is to take on a fight.  And in any fight you can win or lose.  But no matter the outcome, you will learn to fight better another day.  In some fight, losing the first round is part of the process.  Hold your ground until the opponent understand you are a parallel "friend" in the fight for a better country! WE,AT CRBCM, HAVE RAISED OUR VOICE AGAINST ELEMENTS IN CPRIT. WE ARE BRACING OURSELVES FOR THE REVENGEFUL DISMISSAL OF 3 OF OUR SUBMISSIONS.  But every day we wake up people are dying of cancer.  We will be coming back to the doors of CPRIT because we must!  

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