Saturday, December 15, 2012


The NCI announced that federal officials are looking into events at CPRIT.  It is unclear whether their evaluation will only lead to recommendations about the NCI seal of approval status, or whether they are searching for federal crimes at CPRIT.  Our fear for CPRIT's future is that a broader investigation will expose more irregularities in grant allocations, and that more people will be charged with criminal misconducts.  Voters were right to vote for CPRIT funding. Cancer needs to be met at higher intensity.  What voters  did not predict was that CPRIT will end up being taken over by "evil people" or "vultures and hyenas" in the words of a renowned Nobel Laureate who worked there.  What needs to occur at CPRIT is a complete purge which should change leardership and culture at CPRIT.  CRBCM would like to be invited to the conversation about the future of CPRIT.   We believe that broader measures and safeguards need to be implemented to not only preclude failures in grant allocations, but also to make sure CPRIT is more inclusive and responsive to minority concerns.  CPRIT has funded mainly Universities and Biotech companies in a race where even underdogs should be allowed to come up with the right ideas and should be given a chance!  CRBCM is such an underdog!   It is interesting to note that the departing chief executive wants to stay on until the next round of grant allocation.  The CRBCM is worried that his participation will be detrimental to our cause since we voiced our opinion.  It also will be ground for our next appeal. Let it be known!
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