Friday, December 14, 2012

and another grant application sent out this minute...

...this sure was a very busy and brain wrecking time to get those grant applications out in time. There is always the last minute e-bug or hang-up that occurs with the online application forms , but we are getting better with each application: a total of 6 research projects have been submitted for funding since May 2012!

1. Intervention and research through flowcytometry and cytogenetic studies of basal cell type breast cancer in African American women and ways to reverse mortality 

2. Comprehensive and staged program to promote a healthy lifestyle:"Focus on diet, weight control and exercise as a way to decrease cancer risk in El Paso, TX" 

3. Comprehensive Breast Cancer Prevention and Mortality Reduction Program

4. Comprehensive Health Intervention Program to Reverse Breast Cancer Mortality in El Paso, Texas

5. Early Detection of Lung Cancer through levels of e-Cadherin,Metallopeptidase, Tumor Growth Factor Beta,presence of MDM2 mutation & correlation with PET findings 

6. Grass-Roots Outreach program to help 10,000 women in El Paso with Breast Cancer education, awareness, screening and overall healthier lifestyle

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