Friday, December 21, 2012


Human genome has been uncovered, and laboratories can now give us our genomes quickly.  What took years to develop is now readily available.  Pretty soon we are all going to have a credit card/ID with our genome on it.  Already, scientists are working at studying the patterns of DNA as they relate to disease development.  It will soon become obligatory to write the patient's genome sequence to support the diagnosis doctors give to their patients before insurance will pay for the drug.
For Colon cancer, people will be swallowing disposable cameras to detect early masses.  Colonoscopies will be things of the past (it will be indicated just for biopsies of masses seen on cameras).  Hemocult test as we know it, will be replaced by gene detection on the stool sample.
Presence of Mismatch repair gene, APC gene, loss of 5q,18q,17q,8q (these numbers are not random, this is how cancer evolves from a normal cell to a cancer cell in Colon cancer).  If a stool sample gives you a 8q, you know pretty much this man or woman has more likely the cancer, based on the current model of colon cancer genetic evolution.
In families with many cancers, comparing sequences of genes of family members is now being further improved.  Who actually develops the cancer and who stays safe, is being mapped to see the differences that triggered cancer development (phylogenetics).  As we are uncovering DRIVER ONCOGENES, our treatment will be computer generated.  No one will be able to remember all the genes and their heterogeneous presentations.
We got to face this,  our future is to have a Gene Card for ID.  There is no Doctor who will know all the gene abnormalities, so the first thing you do when you enter the medical office is to hand over your gene card.  We put it in a READER and we have your disease, real, or tendencies and all potential treatments you may benefit from.  Drs will be there to hold your hand and give you some additional comforting advice.
Our infectious disease specialist will be giving a prescription  with the genes of the infectious agent spelled out, with the likely Antibiotic to give.   Science is moving forward, let's embrace it!

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