Saturday, December 29, 2012


-Final touch on New year's Party;  The CRBCM owns a studio
and some of our spare time is spent composing Music.  Some of the music is posted on UBETO under CLEMENT ALBERT!
The plan is, once the health prevention program is developed, to use this vehicle for people motivation messages.  In this Hispanic culture of El Paso, Texas, Music is in the heart of the people.  The success of Zumba lays in the Music driving the dance-exercise!  CRBCM has invested in this.   The party is a free run of the original Music.
-Final touch on Annual Goals and objectives given unfriendly waters.
New privileges in local hospital being renewed,  expanding coverage of hospitals, writing new proposals
-Final shipment on contractual obligation/ work completed in Houston and Greenville ( IN): finding new contract with Insurers for independent work
-final decisions strategy on Asset management. where to cut our losses.
actively sell assets in NY, MD, IN and VA.
-decisions on CRBCM Marketing and push for further exposure as positive signs point to survival of CRBCM.
-Knowing our weaknesses and actively work on ways to manage them.  this is called RISK MANAGEMENT for better positioning.
-Increasing presence in local Hospitals
-Identifying new local opportunities for ventures
-Increasing political alliances.
- work expansion in swing states where economic opportunity is greatest. (IN and OH)
-Sale Assets in various states/restructuring

THE CRBCM GOT TO STAY ON THE MOVE, dying appears to not be an option anymore! things are shaping up for an exciting 2013.
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