Saturday, December 29, 2012

CRBCM- Reflections 
Just as you feel everything is collapsing on you,  new wind boost you back -up.
Mostly because you are prepared and therefore a new opportunity comes from the horizon.  You got to take it! and to do so you got to qualify to do so.  Nothing comes to you when you are unprepared and unqualified.  So prepare yourself while you wait for friendly waters!

We live in a community of people, someone knows someone with a new need. and here we go,  you take on the new opportunity!  life has this way of throwing you a bone, you got to be hungry and ready to do a good job for things to stick.  We are ready to unveil some details of our many projects.  The survivorship program appears to be the most detailed so far.  We wait for funding in Dayton,Ohio and (on Chester Blvd) Richmond Indiana to be secured.

Even your enemies are under pressure to perform and meet objectives as they are judged by tertiary independent forces.  They may offer you a bone to keep themselves afloat.  You just take the opportunity because you too have to stay afloat. The world goes on this way!  At CRBCM we take care of business with attention because one good performance lead to another.  Our cause is here and just, someone somewhere will here our call and answer soon.  We will keep the fight because the cause is a good one!  New good signs have emerged today, let's keep on working hard!
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