Sunday, December 30, 2012

Let's make 2013 more wholesome AND delicious

Dear Peggy,

Some of the best things in life start small.

Like the garlic cloves I plant. Buried about three inches into the fragrant earth, warmed by the late-Autumn sun, and protected from smothering weeds with the strength of my own hands.

Unfortunately, not all food we eat is treated with such care. Food that is convenient and cheap has overshadowed food that is healthy and fresh for far too long, and in every corner of the globe.

These foods aren't just fast. They favor efficiency over safety. Profit over health. Cheap labor over workers' rights. Mass production over the environment.

In running our own farm, my wife and I have chosen to support a different kind of food and farming. So have you – simply by receiving this email from Slow Food!

You can play an integral role in effecting the change we need to build this system. Making a tax-deductible $8 donation now means you'll be a part of a movement that demands more from our food producers.

With time, the garlic I planted last month will grow into fragrant bulbs, ripe with promise for a satisfying and flavorful meal. Supporting Slow Food offers a similar promise to farmers like me, who have boycotted unethical food production practices in order to make foods that are better for everyone.

And Slow Food supporters are not just advocating for small farms. We're also demanding better working conditions and quality products from large-scale food producers.

We're building community gardens that provide educational opportunities and a good source of food for community members.

We're ensuring that the plants we value so highly, from Harrison Cider apples to Burbank tomatoes, do not face extinction when confronted with waning biodiversity.

You've helped make this progress possible, and we need your help to continue these programs, and to establish new ones. Additional funding is critical – Slow Food must raise $80,000 in these last two days before the New Year to ensure we have the resources we need to do our work, and we're still $25,000 away from our goal.

Your tax-deductible $8 donation today will do so much to guarantee that Slow Food programs can stay strong in 2013 and beyond.

From cooking, to serving as a Slow Food governor, to growing food for my family and my community, I have spent my life working toward a more sustainable method of producing food.

And I've seen firsthand the impact advocates like you can have. You're the ones demanding more of your grocers, of your growers and of your government. You're the ones coming home every night to enjoy a meal with the people you care about. You're the ones making our food practices better for your families and for generations to come.

Let's help everyone enjoy that same right. Whether we're serving up a slow-roasted garlic soup or a handful of just-cracked pecans, we know a small thing can make a big impact.
Greg Boulos
Mid-Atlantic Regional Governor, Slow Food USA
P.S. I just want to take a moment to thank the current and past staff of Slow Food USA. Leadership in a movement like ours takes tireless dedication and a personal commitment that extends far deeper than any paycheck can inspire. Their passion is deep and it is in this spirit that we prepare the next generation of Slow Food leaders.
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