Monday, December 10, 2012

Phase III Clinical Trial of Doxorubicin Alone or in Combination with TH-302 for Soft Tissue Sarcoma That Is Locally Advanced or Inoperable

This is a new study by a major university  MSK trying to test a new concept whether penetrating hypoxic areas of the tumor by a new chemotherapy would make a significant difference.  The study end-point is survival.  This is a tall order for a study because most of them only look at disease free survival.   The challenge here is that hypoxic areas may not be significant satellite or hiding place (sanctuary) for tumor cells   since their own survival could be impaired by hypoxia.   But in this refractory disease, a new trial testing a new concept is welcome news!

A corollary problem brought to mind, certain tissues have certain targets that are prominent. finding these targets for these tissues could be a more intelligent approach as we face some of the tough/refractory cancers.  We look forward to seeing this new drug make a difference for our patients.

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