Monday, December 10, 2012


No matter how big you are, if you splurge in misconduct, cheating or abuse of power, you will never achieve your potential. You will lose respect and people will always know who they are dealing with.
You will survive, but over time you will become irrelevant, you will not rise in the heart of men, you will be a false hero.   At the worst people will throw a shoe at you, or foment some other curse. Do not forget this as you spread your wings. Every society needs its leaders to stand for truth and justice. Even under attack, people will stand by you if they know you are a true fighter, and if you happen to fall, the living will glorify you and remember the good about you. Do not live to be forgotten or despised. Life is for leaders to make a difference. Some leaders are remembered for their wickedness. Those memories bring disdain to our souls.
Leaders who make a true difference are those who fought for justice and inclusion of masses. People are judged not only for their accomplishments, but also by how good they were as human beings. No one is perfect, so if you make a mistake, seek amend. Don't taunt people because you are powerful. Perfidy will always lead to disgrace, because if you indulge in it, it will not be long before you meet your match. The public forum is not a place to bring treason, because sooner or later, you will receive the  "scorn".
Remember one thing: in the eye of observers, it is not your victims and their fate that people will judge. It is how you relish your so-called "Victories" on them that will be judged! Particularly when observers realize, it was all wrong!

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