Monday, May 6, 2013

We, the CRBCM, would like to thank one more time MDHonors from London UK for allowing us to kick start the lung cancer Biomarker early detection project.  The project is unique because it  will help detect early lung cancer in heavy smoker.  Hopefully it will help find lung cancer at a still resectable level where we can make a difference in prognosis.  It will strengthen the hand of the surgeon in small lesions where currently observation may be deemed dangerous if the lesion being observed is indeed a cancer which may metastasize if given more time.  We have worked hard and set up collaboration with the statistics lab at UTEP, and Biomedical labs at UTEP and Texas Tech through the pathology lab.  We were just waiting for the funding to initiate the project.
This one research project will be completed in 4 phases:
*1st phase will be to obtain tissue through Banks: The tissues will be from patients with lung cancer in order to determine the prevalence of these genetic abnormalities in cancer tissues.  This part is critical because it will also ascertain our detection methods in patients with the cancer!

*The second phase will be the recruitment of Heavy smoker candidates, 2-3 pack/day for greater than  30-40 years who will be willing to sign a consent for participation and agree to let us collect samples of blood and sputum. And apply those testing techniques learned in the first phase!

*Conclusions and publications of our results will follow in the 3rd phase.

*4th phase is the development of an early lung cancer detection kit for by using our findings.

We thank MDHonors for their trust and funding!

At the CRBCM, we work hard to always deliver on our promises.

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