Monday, May 6, 2013


*FOR patients on chronic Doxil,  watch for
-Renal failure
-squamous cell cancer of the tongue and oral cavity as a secondary malignancy
-and of course the hand foot syndrome

prolonged exposure to Anti-topoisomerase II (doxo,epirubicin)
leads to APL,AML and MDS.In children, various pediatric malignancies have been reported.   

*Adding Pertuzumab to Trastuzumab plus Taxotere did not add to cardiac toxicity in Cleopatra!

*ixabepilone may induce radiation recall and decreased wound healing.

*10-20% of patients treated develop grade 3 Hypertension side effect, and development of Hypertension is not predictive of response to therapy!
*In cancer of the Salivary duct, the Her-2 status may be important since use of Herceptin can impact survival!

*Up to 95% of patients treated with Vemurafenib (used in BRAF positive Melanoma) will develop a dermatologic side effect to be treated supportively.  Dose interruptions or modification occurs in less than 10% of cases only!

*Breast implant can be associated with the development of a CD30 Anaplastic ALK negative large cell lymphoma  (ALCL).
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