Friday, June 28, 2013

(Excerpt of our preliminary work)

As we advance in Medicine, and particularly in cancer Medicine, it is increasingly recognized that Medical patho-physiology  find its source and implications tightly linked to sets of genes.  There are genes that initiate the pathophysiology, but also pathway genes that once activated by the initiating gene(s), squarely  drive the subsequent events, or amplify them as if it release the breaks with devastating consequences.

Genes can be in all kind of states. They can be amplified or repressed, or the can be full blown expressed and participating, or they can be silenced!  Their expression can be forced or deliberate.  They are forced when in a linkage situation or in an abnormal fusion, or deliberately expressing themselves when they have something to say or do due to their intrinsic nature!  Of significant interest is the aspect that gene expression can be dependent on our age, gender, race and place !


 Although we inherit the same from birth, if you  believe that at any given point, the genes expressed in you as an embryo, and subsequent ages, are the same, think again.  Life is in a constant flux, nothing is still in a living being! And life is purposeful.  AND SURVIVAL IS THE OBJECTIVE!  Everything our cells do is to keep surviving. and so does cancer cells to our own surprise and demise!  The first years are destined to growth and we gobble up things (unfortunately we don't know when to stop, realize you just have reached the lifetime external Carbohydrates needed!), by age 3, we stop having ability to have a fever induced seizure! in our twenties, we stop growing in height!  well age has something to say through our GENES!


We know that one of the X Chromosome and its genes may be silenced!
But the strongest evidence of gender influence on gene expression is on Major Histocompatibility antigens (class I antigen).  Women during their reproductive years get ready to carry a foreign body (baby)inside them without fighting it!  They have got to dampen their Class I (UNO or ONE) Antigens ability.  It is this very reason that Inflammatory bowel disease and autoimmune diseases are most fulminant (or simply more active, but I love the fulminant word) during these reproductive years.  (Lupus 15 to 45 years of age range!).  It is hypothesized that pattern of gene Methylation leads to silencing of some of the HLA-A, and B mostly!


Disparity in incidence, frequency and  mortality among races are the strongest evidence of this relationship between Gene expression and the races!   class II MHC Antigen are linked to various Autoimmune and Metabolic diseases (DM).  Even high blood pressure pathophysioplogy varies among the races.
For CRBCM, it is that flagrant case of Triple Negative Breast cancer that we are struggling with (struggling to link to the  races, the class II Antigens and to PSROS-1 gene!-Go figure!)


Or better Environment!   It is incredible to realize our environmental influences affect our genes.   Cancer rates are known to increase in immigrants to match the locals over time! Immigrants share in joy but also in subsequent pains at gene levels!

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