Thursday, June 27, 2013

It is clear that in a so called free society, one of the fundamental principle is to allow everyone to participate, enter a competition for government services.  But to believe that free participation is true in these United States you better think again.  Especially if your name is clearly of African origin!
When you have a medical practice,  reimbursement for service rendered is a particular challenge. 8 months after starting to see Medicare patients, We are still waiting for the first penny from the Obama administration.  Every time we call them, their computer has a glitch! "wait another 60 days!".  It seems that the government that made the internet has other computer experts sleeping at the wheels or full of nerds who
can't figure out their own doing!  They have hired an Intermediary called:

[Novitas Solutions

which sounds like new solution to government no-solvency.  these guys amuse themselves with messages like "

JH Part A Provider Outreach and Education(POE) Advisory Group (AG) Meeting Minutes - May 22, 2013

The JH Provider Outreach and Education (POE) Advisory Group (AG) meeting minutes from May 22, 2013 are now available for your reading pleasure.  Enjoy!"  

while we are not paid!

You just have to wonder who hired these guys and to what purpose?  what are their connections?

1 week after we had trouble with the MPIN, we still don't know who gives you a MPIN number and no government institution we spoke to knows what entity of the government gives you a MPIN, and without it we can't submit a response to an RFA.  These strategies are used stupidly to keep Minority institutions away!  It is believed that if you multiply the road blocks, folks will quit asking!

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