Saturday, June 29, 2013


There is an increased risk
-with BRAC2 Mutation
-Klinefelter syndrome
-Obesity and Cirrhosis (E/T ratio)
-undescended testicles or testicular trauma.

*When testing in a family, the youngest woman with the disease should be the one to undergo testing!
*In Male, the risk of developing breast cancer by age 80 with BRCA2 is 7%.
*Invasive Lobular carcinoma associated with family hx of diffuse gastric cancer occur with Mutation of E-Cadherin-CDH-1 gene.
*Hormone replacement therapy has not been associated with DCIS.
*If oral contraceptive use increased your risk of Breast Cancer, you have the BRCA Mutation!
*Involution of terminal duct lobule is linked to a lower incidence of Breast cancer.
*larger waist circumfernce is linked to ER Negative breast cancer risk.

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